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Rum, vodka, bourbon! Maine stills make them all.  Below is a list of our featured Maine spirits (don’t worry, we have the usual stuff as well).  Each spirit is available neat, on the rocks or mixed in your favorite cocktail. Prices fluctuate based on the order but you won’t regret it because each selection is unique and YOU, yes YOU, support local farms, distilleries and small businesses!


Cold River Vodka

Made with whole Maine potatoes in Freeport, Maine, Cold River Vodka is hand crafted and triple distilled in a copper still for a better flavor and smooth finish.  This bad boy is great on the rocks and it is almost a shame to mix it in a drink. 


Split Rock Horseradish Vodka

Distilled in Newcastle, Maine, Split Rock’s Horseradish Vodka is infused with horseradish for a burst of heat.  The absolute (pun intended) perfect Bloody Mary vodka to cure a hangover! 


Rum Riot Dark Rum

A nod to Maine’s history of booze, regulation and rebellion, this Portland distilled dark rum combines poignant flavors with a bite.  Try it straight and slightly chilled to bring out the pirate in you. Arrrrgh!


Old Port Bourbon Whiskey

Distilled by the Liquid Riot Bottling Company in Portland’s Old Port region, this small-batch American classic whiskey is crafted using Maine grown corn, rye and buckwheat.  Try it in a Mainehattan!


Back River Cranberry Gin

Distilled by the Sweetgrass Distillery in Old Port, Maine, this British classic uses Maine cranberries combined with a fruity gin. Try it with tonic for a Pink G&T or as a Crantini!


Fernet Michaud

Distilled by the Liquid Riot Bottling Company in Portland, Maine, fernet is an Italian amaro. This version begins with an organic wheat based neutral grain spirit which gets re-distilled and charcoal filtered to produce a smooth, neutral base which is then infused with a blend of 23 botanicals, roots and herbs. After the infusion, the spirit is laid to rest in used Maine blueberry wine barrels for 5 months. It is the perfect digestif or accent to a well-thought-out cocktail!

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